Adventure Australia

How to quit your job and move to Australia

The stages:

  1. Decide you want to leave your job and move to Australia
  2. Make it seem more real by telling your friends and family
  3. Sort out your visa
  4. Quit your job
  5. Book your flights.

The slightly longer version:

Way back in January I realised it was time to leave my job. I looked around for other, similar roles in London, but then Alex and I started to think seriously about leaving the UK altogether and moving to Australia for a year. It had to be now or never, as Alex was going to turn 31 in a couple of months, and after that he’d be too old for a working holiday visa. So pretty shortly we began to set the wheels in motion!

It took a while to sort out my working holiday visa as I had to renew my passport first, but then there was nothing stopping us. My mum and dad also thought it seemed like a good idea, so when I was granted my visa in June the only obstacle left was the business of handing in my notice…

By this time, my lovely manager knew that I wasn’t enjoying my job and that I wanted more from my career than the organisation was able to offer, but it still wasn’t going to be easy to break the news to her! In the end our oft postponed 1-2-1 meeting finally came around, and in answer to her opening statement: ‘Is there anything big you’d like to talk about first?’ I answered: ‘Um…. I’m planning to leave here so I can move to Australia for a year’.¬†After getting over the initial shock my manager said she was really pleased for me and that it was a great thing to do!

Next we decided we wanted to live in Melbourne first of all, and then we booked our flights. And that was it really!