I’m not sure about this cycling lark

Over the week Alex, SJ and I went on a bike ride.

This was a momentous occasion for me because I am sort of scared of cycling. I’ve been husky sledding across the Swedish Arctic and scuba diving down to 40 metres, but cycling is a whole other kettle of fish as far as I’m concerned.

The things I don’t like about cycling are:

  • going downhill is fast and out-of-control and scary
  • going uphill is slow and painful
  • meeting cars, other cyclists, pedestrians and dogs is terrifying.

From the minute we set off I was gripping onto the handle-bars for dear life and wobbling about all over the place. Alex and SJ are very proficient cyclists, so I must have looked extra incompetent next to them! It was possibly around this point that I asked SJ if I could have some stabilisers. Cycling 1 – Emma 0.

Somehow we made it in one piece to our first destination – Dandelion in Elwood for a tasty lunch. We then went on to Brighton for a dog walk with some friends, and then continued along the coast all the way to Sandringham.

Somewhere along the way I tried to ring my bell, but instead of warning the pedestrians ahead that I was coming, the bell flew off into the bushes. Cycling 2 – Emma 0.

Cycling by the sea!
Cycling by the sea! (The smile on my face is a lie).

It was then time to turn round and cycle home, with a quick dip in the sea en route. The ride home was looooong, and all in all it felt like a lot of cycling for someone who is scared of it.

I have to admit the route was very picturesque and everything, and the lunch and swim were jolly nice, but the cycling part of the day was still completely nerve-wracking and fairly awful. When I got home I had a sore bum from the saddle and sore hands from gripping the handle-bars, and I was totally exhausted – mentally and physically.

I’ll probably have to go cycling again – seeing as I have a shiny cream bike, lovely blue helmet and nice orange bag from Crumpler – but I’m not planning to make a habit of it!