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Neighbours tour!

Yesterday will be forever etched in my memory as one of the best days ever*, for Alex and I went on the Official Neighbours Tour!

At 10am we piled into the Official Neighbours Tour Bus on Flinders Street (me giddy with excitement; Alex probably feeling more normal), then spent the short journey out of Melbourne listening to Gerry the driver/tour guide’s wonderfully funny and interesting Neighbours anecdotes. Aside from having to drive a bus, which would be my worst nightmare as I hate driving, he has the coolest job in the world!

Me on Ramsay Street!
Me on Ramsay Street!

In no time at all we were turning into Ramsay Street! The cul-de-sac’s actual name is Pin Oak Court, so (**tour spoiler alert**) we took photos with a sign we’d brought with us! I got to hold the sign first because my birthday was closest to Gerry’s birthday, and the result was loads of photos of one happy looking lady!

We found out some interesting facts from Gerry as we wandered around:

  1. The street has 24 hour security
  2. The house numbers are actually 1-6 (much more sensible than the Neighbours version – just the even numbers from 22 to 32!)
  3. Two of the houses are rented out to the studio.

Next we headed off to the studios, and en route we found out we were going to meet an actual Neighbours cast member! And it happened sooner than I could have imagined, for as I walked down the steps of the bus I was greeted by none other than Alan Fletcher (aka Dr Karl Kennedy)! He turned out to be an incredibly lovely and friendly chap, and took photos with (and signed postcards for) everyone on the bus!

Me and Dr Karl!
Me and Dr Karl!

As you can see, we also got to check out Fitzgerald Motors, plus Dial-a-Kyle’s yard and the famous Neighbours bus stop! And as we were doing this, none other than Imogen Willis drove past us on her way home!

Imogen Willis!
Imogen Willis!

We didn’t get to see the Lassiter’s/coffee shop/Charlie’s area as they were filming there, but apparently if you go on one of the weekend tours it’s a different story…!

In short, it was an awesome day! I’ve watched Neighbours for over 25 years and this was just the best way to celebrate and nourish that love!

* Alas I cannot say this was my absolute best day ever, because on the way to the tour in the morning I got my feet completely soaked wading through a flood!