The perils of having too much power

Just a quick blog post today, but I can’t resist sharing this!

On Saturday it was the annual Wood Street Village Show, a day of children’s races, a car boot sale, food and drink stalls, and most importantly, the judging of various food, drink and art exhibits.

My favourite comment from the judges was this one:

Read the rules!
Read the rules!

In case you can’t read the comment, it says:

The best marmalade on the table today but:

1st prize withheld because

– you have used a trade jar (see rules p 3)

– jar a little underfilled

– give full date of making (see rules p 3).

Fancy finding the best marmalade of the day but deciding to withhold 1st prize for such trivial reasons! Those are surely the words of someone with too much power!