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Why I need to get a job… and soon!

Seeing as I don’t yet have a job in Melbourne, I’ve had the opportunity to watch more daytime TV than anyone in their right mind would ever want to.

Morning and daytime TV across the world is of course always terrible. They try to include discussions about politics, current affairs and world news alongside more light-hearted content and lifestyle tips, but in fact most of the programme just ends up being idle gossip about celebrity fashion. Australian morning and daytime suffers from this affliction too, but they also do something even worse…

I'm your friend so buy this hoover
I’m your friend so buy this hoover

They follow a piece on Lady Gaga with a segment about hoovers or saucepans that masquerades as helpful consumer advice from presenters we have come to know and trust, but is in fact a blatant sales promo. It would be fair enough if we had chosen to watch an infomercial or home shopping show, but this is thrust in our faces in the guise of normal TV. And there are loads of advert breaks in the show anyway! How dare they!

Everything about these segments seems dishonest, from the mock living room sets to the fake spills. And don’t get me started on the stiletto-wearing female presenters and their ‘bloke next door’ counterparts, who have clearly never even used a hoover before.

They ramble on and on about whatever ridiculous product they are selling today, presumably hoping you will lose the will to live and buy it to shut them up. And the worst part is that they never seem to tell the viewer the real cost, instead preferring to blindside us with the special ’28 day trial price’ and ‘free gift if you order NOW’.

After just minutes of watching these segments I feel like I’m being manipulated. I think it’s strange how little the producers must value their viewers if they think we deserve to be tricked and conned into buying pointless, over-priced products in this way. Luckily I reckon most of us see it for the underhand sales technique it is and just change the channel.

I know I don’t have to watch it at all, but what else is there to do when you’re eating breakfast at 9.30am on a weekday morning? I just need to get a job soon so that I’ll be out of the house by 8am and watching dreadful morning TV will no longer be an option!